The alarm has a bedroom view that will enlarge the screen time for easy reference anytime of the day or night.

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It may seem strange to have a tutorial on such a simple function but the Alarm is probably one of the most useful tools you have on your ZTE Merit. You can use it to wake you up in the mornings, during quick naps, or to remind you of events.

Here is how to set your alarm on your ZTE Merit:

1. Select the applications menu.

2. Click the red icon with the white bell labled Alarm.

3. To set a new alarm, press the bottom left hard button with the three lines. You will see a pop up with three other icons. Click the icon on the left that says "add alarm".

4. Edit the time you want the alrm to sound at by selecting time and making the change. You will see different options including what days of the week you want the alarm to sound. You are also told how many hours you have before the alarm sounds.

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*Even thought the ZTE Merit is sold by Straight Talk and NET10, both companies are owned by TracFone Wireless, the nation's largest prepaid cell phone provider.



Find out if ZTE Merit is available in your zip code