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How to remove the back cover on ZTE Merit:ZTE 990g zte merit

The back covers on most newer phones are getting lighter and often times more tricky to remove. In many cases, the back can be removed with your nail but in the ZTE Merit, your nail might not be enough. The back cover snaps on really well and the best way we found to remove the back cover is by using a coin. That's right, take a coin to the bottom left corner and gently twist the coin to snap the back cover right off. You will need to remove the cover to change or replace the SD card, SIM Card, or Battery.

Find out if the ZTE Merit is available in your zip code


Quick Facts

*ZTE Merit has a powerful 5MP Camera.

*The rings you see at the of the phone is the TracFone logo.


Find out if ZTE Merit is available in your zip code